I really wish he cared about me the way that I cared about him…

why can’t I stop thinking about you? I barely even know you! And you have made so many promises that have been unfilled. You tend to act like you don’t even care nor would you ever, and yet you’re always on my mind! 

i just need a fucking answer

since like tuesday i’ve been waiting around for my Marine to tell me if he still wants to be in a relationship or not and i can’t handle it anymore… i still want to be with him and he doesn’t know what the fuck he wants anymore! i’ve had anxiety and been in tears, i am absolutely in love with him and hurts to think he might not feel the same… i just want to work things out but it doesn’t seem like he wants to or that he’s to fucking busy! 

i might have a panic attack at the post office tomorrow

i feel as though they have lost all of my boyfriends mail that i’ve been sending to him and he has gotten 0 mail from me. my post office is known to loose peoples mail so i might freak the fuck out on them! because for the next 2 months, 1 week and 3 days mail is all that i have and that is what our relationship is fucking based on! 

a part of me wants you to give up and come home, but the other part wants you to stay and so you can follow through with a career! 

but if you were to stay then i’d hate the fact that i can only see you once in a while! 


it will only take a minute, its just like 6 questions and they’re only opinion


please take 3 minutes out of your day and take this quiz(:



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i swur drama is a sport to bitches!
can someone take me away from here!

i just don’t want to be here anymore! 

all he wants is my body, he’s made that clear! 

and all i want is to be swept off my feet

clearly neither of us are going to win!